I am a daughter of God, a wife of a man that God has done a mighty work in, the mother of 3 young-adult sons, and the Queen of the House of Testosterone. However, the crown I look the best in is the one of redemption, mercy and grace, the crown of true royalty. The crown I inherited by being chosen as a child of God, an heir to the throne. Sometimes it gets a little off kilter, slides sideways, even hangs on by a hair. But the crown is always there. It’s a gift that is undeserved by me, yet a gift just the same.

I grew up in a small town, taught high school for 10 years, planned charitable events, started a jewelry design business, and co-founded a global nonprofit that serves kids with limb-differences with one of my sons. I speak to groups of all designs in order to encourage them to be who they were designed to be.

I am a passionate and driven mama, friend and leader with a touch of ADD. My heart is to seek HIS and for him to see HIMSELF in me.

To learn more about me, check-out my story.